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Τη συμμετοχή του εργαστηρίου στο 9th Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Web Persoanlization πρότεινε η οργανωτική του επιτροπή με την πρόταση στο Διευθυντή του Εργαστηρίου για συμμετοχή στο International Programme Committee στο 9th Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Web Persoanlization at IJCAI'11.

The following are some of the issues and topics that will be addressed at the workshop.

  • User Model representation: The use of domain knowledge and ontologies; user context definition and modeling; individual and group user models; cross-domain models; privacy; robust and trust-aware recommender systems; cognitive models for Web navigation and e-commerce interactions, psychological and sociological aspects of Recommender Systems; self-adaptation
  • Preference Elicitation: knowledge acquisition methods, cognitive approaches, machine learning, data extraction methods, ontology integration, reconciliation of knowledge bases, knowledge elicitation.
  • Architectures and Systems: personalized search; scalability of personalization and recommendation techniques; intelligent browsing and navigation; adaptive hypertext systems; architectures for personalized privacy; hybrid recommendation systems; conversational recommendation systems
  • Enabling Technologies: Data/web mining for personalization; Link Analysis and Graph Mining; automated techniques for ontology generation, learning, and acquisition; machine leaning techniques for information extraction and integration; Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web; Evaluation methodologies, metrics, and case studies