First international workshop in Mining the Social Web

Submission Extended till 4th of May

This first international workshop on Mining the Social Web (SoWeMine 2015) is organized in conjunction with the 15th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE) that is going to held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 23 – 26 June 2015.

The rapid development of modern Information and Communication technologies (ICTs) in the past few years and their introduction into people’s daily lives has greatly increased the amount of information available at all levels of their social environment. People have been steadily turning to the social web for social interaction, news and content consumption, networking, and job seeking. As a result, vast amounts of user information are populating the social Web. In light of these developments the social mining workshop aims to study new and innovative techniques and methodologies on social data mining. Social mining is a relatively new and fast-growing research area, which includes various tasks such as recommendations, personalization, e-recruitment, opinion mining, sentiment analysis, searching for multimedia data (images, video, etc).

This workshop aims to study (and even go beyond) the state of the art on social web mining, a field that merges the topics of social network applications and web mining. We aim to create a forum for professionals and researchers in the fields of personalization, search, text mining etc to discuss the application of their techniques and methodologies in this new and very promising research area. The workshop will particularly try to encourage the discussion on new emergent issues related to current trends derived from the creation and use of modern Web applications.